Ibiza is one of the trending travel destinations in Europe. From Germany, you can find affordable direct flights with Condor, even in the high season. When you go for a Condor flight, I recommend you to book directly on their website and add only the baggage that you REALLY need. This makes the fare much more cheaper! 

The ideal travel season for Ibiza is June to September. We decided to go there in August and it was one of the biggest mistakes I ever did in planning our travels. Ibiza is beautiful, but NOT in August. It is way too crowded. Rather go there in May or October when temperatures are maybe a bit lower but so are the tourist numbers.

Best beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza has plenty of beaches. You will probably read different recommendations on every blog. My favorite when it comes to traveling with kids was definitely Aguas Blancas. Also, the beaches in Formentera are a dream, but I’ll get back to that later.

Aguas Blancas Beach Ibiza


Aguas Blancas Beach

Best restaurants in Ibiza

Sangria, Paella and Tapas! Besides these Spanish classics that I could eat one week straight, Ibiza has really fancy and delicious restaurants to offer. A general tip: Book a table upfront or at least call them last minute if they have availability AND check the prices before you take a seat. We went to a restaurant where the cheapest fish dish started at 70 EUR. So we just ate tapas. ahaha. The two restaurants that I loved the most were: La Paloma, an incredibly delicious restaurant in the heart of the island, beyond kids-friendly with a cute playground and a location in the middle of a lime garden. Another beautiful restaurant located at the beach but still affordable is Aiyanna. Great for sipping Sangria, while watching the waves of Cala Nova.

La Paloma Restaurant Ibiza


La Paloma Restaurant Ibiza

Aiyanna Beach Club Ibiza


Aiyanna Beach Club Ibiza

What to do in Ibiza

To explore the island, you should rent a car. If you get tired of beaches and pool life, go for a trip to Ibiza Old town. You can walk around the tiny streets for hours, and if you are a bit sporty make it all the way up to the castello.

Ibiza Old Town with kids

Another Ibiza highlight are for sure the sunsets. Or more the spots where you can watch the sun set. The most impressive is probably by far Es Vedra. A must do when in Ibiza. We also liked the atmosphere at Cala Comte, where you can sit on top of the cliffs and bring you own blanket, drink and food to watch the sunset or check for a table in one of the restaurants.

Sonnenuntergang Es Vedra


Sunset Es Vedra

Sunset at Cala Comte


Sunset at Cala Comte

And last but not least, Formentera. What can I say, I am a beach person, for sure. But Formentera beaches are REALLY incredibly beautiful. But also, in August, way too crowded. When you do a day trip from Ibiza, definitely take the first or second ferry at 7 or 8 am. You will have the beaches then for yourself at least until 10am. The ferry ride from Ibiza costs you 40 EUR per person and is, again, hello Ibiza, really expensive, BUT worth it.

Formentera with kids


Formentera Beach


Ibiza is not a cheap island. Indeed we managed to find really cheap flights with Condor for around 400 EUR for the three of us. Levi was 2.5 years old at this trip so he paid the full price. The apartment was around 600 EUR for 4 nights. (On top comes the costs for food, rental car and ferry/activities

Total budget: 1000 EUR

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