Hi, I'm Anika
and I'm a travel addict.

Since 11 years, I am traveling the world with my husband Christian. We try to escape German winter at least 2-3 times a year. Since 3 years we travel as a family of three with our son Levi. Since I was pregnant, I knew I don’t want to compromise on my passion to travel even though we have kids. Sure traveling with kids is 90% chaos, but the remaining 10% are so worth it.¬†

In this blog, I want to share with you that it is possible to travel with kids worldwide, give tips on how to survive long distance flights and present you a selection of kids friendly hotels that are not the average family resorts. Also, this blog is about keeping an eye on the budget of your travels. Sure traveling costs money, but still there are tips and tricks how to make the best out of your yearly travel budget and still travel around and stay in nice hotels or guest houses.

Enjoy reading and keep on traveling with your kids!

“I travel because I need to.

Because my wild, adventurous spirit

can’t live according to the norm.

I travel to reinvent myself, 

to be the best me I can be,

to find joy in the ordinary 

and peace in exploring.

I travel to be.”

– unknown